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Meghan The Beauty Influencer

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel Meghan Victoria!
Just kidding, beside that being my intro to every video I make on youtube you are here at my website so welcome!

My name is Meghan Victoria. I am a 22 year old freelance makeup artist from Toronto, ON. About 6 months ago I decided to take my passions of beauty, makeup and DIY projects to the platforms of social media. I started my youtube channel just 6 months ago and we have already surpassed 4000 subscribers. I have had some amazing experiences interacting with my audience; teaching techniques, playing with colours and getting creative and just all around sharing my life! As well I have had the privledge of working with and collaborating with brands such as Carbon Coco, Loving Tan, Thin Tea, Eiris Watches, INGLOT cosmetics just to name a few.
I look at life like a collection of experiences and I want to get the very most out of my life. I love to laugh and have fun and be silly but also to reflect and become better acquainted with myself. I know my life is destined for big things so I am here to put that energy out into the universe.
I am here to share my passions of makeup, hair, beauty, fashion, DIY and lifestyle with you! Let’s have some fun, let’s stay smiling and let’s get glam! Xoxo